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Published: Mar 2021
Updated: Jun 2021

Bash is a powerful tool. It may glue systems together. It may glue workflows together. It can close gaps in workflows. It exposes the power of the command line to any workflow. It’s the force. Master it and you will move mountains.


Get up to speed quickly.

  1. Hello World
  2. Style & Structure
  3. Argument Parsing
  4. Writing Usage Descriptions

Command Guides

  • xargs: The One Liner Chainsaw!
  • curl: Make HTTP requests
  • cut: Like split in many programming languages
  • find: Search for files or directories
  • comm: Set logic (and, or, intersect)

My Standard Lib

What follows is my own standard library of useful Bash functions. They’re handy when writing scripts. Copy and use at will. The log::* functions are especially handy for providing transparency to users. Output is nicely colored too.