Software Delivery Coaching for Founders, CTOs & VPs

A 1-on-1 Call will give you specific, actionable, personalized advice, answering your most pressing questions on improving your software delivery value stream.

Get Actionable Advice from Someone Who Has Seen it Before

Building businesses and shipping software is difficult. In fact, it's the most complex activity human being have ever engaged in. It's no surprise that you're stuck. You're in a difficult spot.

You need to balance competing concerns like shipping big ticket deliverables, business objectives, infrastructure cost, team structure, and new regulations all while delivering value to your customer.

You can be stuck in analysis paralysis forever but that doesn't help you or your business. Sometimes you need to talk to the right person at just the right time.

Put the uncertainty behind you and get actionable, specific advice on exactly what to do next for you and your business. Book a live 1-on-1 video consultation today and get actionable, specific advice.

Unblock Yourself. Move Forward.

Imagine having someone who has been in your shoes as founder, manager, employee, or principal engineer that you can bounce ideas off of and who can help shake you loose when you're blocked.

Like many decision makers you may feel overwhelmed or unsure because the playbook isn't perfect in your head. There's too many trade-offs and variables to consider. What's better? Should I do this, what about that though? The questions continue.

Imagine having a trusted peer by your side to help  you (and your business) move forward.

Imagine knowing what to do next with specific, actionable, personalized advice and answers to your most pressing questions.

Reserve Your $300 1-on-1 Video Consultation

How This Works

You share anything I need to know before the call. We'll dicusss your background and objectives beforehand over email. You may also provide me read access to your code repos if you have specific technical questions.

I'll review your scenario to ensure I deliver the answers and advice you need. I'll send you a payment and scheduling link. Calls are scheduled at your convience.

We'll walk through your situation and answer your pressing questions.

You'll receive a video recording that you can refer back to or share with your team.

What Do People Ask About?

Here's a sample from past conversations:

  • How do start automated deployments with my business?
  • What metrics do I need to use to track my software delivery performance?
  • What do you recommend for monitoring?
  • How can we do [insert specific thing] on AWS?
  • Can you review my architecture?
  • Do we need to hire SREs? We already have DevOps—what's the point?
  • Can you help me find the bottleneck here?
  • What can we do speed up our deployments?
  • How can we create more stable releases?
  • I have no clue how to do [X], what should I do?
  • How can I convince management to adopt CI/CD?
  • What kind of tests do I need in my deployment pipeline?
  • How can I build deployment pipeline for [insert technolgoy] on [platform]?
  • What metrics do we need for our infrastructure?
  • How can I get started tracking business telemetry?

You'll leave the call with:

  • Answers to your specific questions
  • Action items and a timeline
  • A video recording that you can refer back to or share with your team

How Much Does This Cost?

It's $300 for an hour. Don't worry though. I'm not going to smash the gavel at exactly at an hour. We'll conclude the call when our discussion resolves itself.

Reserve Your $300 1-on-1 Video Consultation

Actually, Just Get It Done for Me!

Sometimes you just need someone come in and get things done. You may need to build a new product, burn through a big backlog, or configure a deployment pipeline. Building, deploying, and running software is hard work and there's always more to do. I can help you just get it done from applications, infrastructure, deployment pipelines and everything in-between.

Price: $X,000 to $X00,000.

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