Hakone Japan, 2016

Hey, I'm Adam Hawkins, independent software consultant, trainer, writer and speaker. My goal is help engineers and teams ship software faster and better than ever.

I think the DevOps value stream made of continuous delivery and improvement are the best tools we have to build software. I've written and spoke about software development a lot over the years. Most of it is freely available online.

First I focused on software architecture. Sound software architecture encourages fast iterations and happy engineers. I've written about design applications in the The Joy of Design guide. Alternatively, you can watch the talk from Wroclov.rb 2014. There's even a workshop from Rails Conf 2014. You may have even seen my Rails Caching Guide.

Then I moved outward to focus on continuous deployment, production operations, and SRE. This has been my primary focus for the last few years. This led to my talk at DevOps Days India 2016 on 2 Years Shipping code with Docker, a talk on Production Ready Ruby at Ruby Conf India 2016 and numerous tutorials and webinars.

On the person side, I was born in the California Bay Area and have lived and worked abroad since 2011 in Finland, Germany, and Sweden. Moving abroad was the best decision I ever made. Hobbies include travel, trance, coffee, swimming, surfing and (attempting) to launch my own SaaS.