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Hello. I’m Adam Hawkins. I help teams build and deploy software that delights users and grows businesses.

This to my personal wiki. It indexes my knowledge on software engineering and delivery. It’s part reference, part field notes, part recipies, and part handbook. More importantly it represents the “best I know” on certain topics.


This wiki began after I read The High Velocity Edge. The author tells a story of him going to work at Toyota factory. He asks someone there how they do their particular job. I think it was something along the lines of how they did their part on the automotive assembly line. You may expect the worker demonstrated how to do the task. That’s not what happened.

Instead, the worker pulled out a binder. The binder contained all the learnings and experiments they’d done that demonstrated the best knowledge on hand about how to accomplish the task. While it is true the worker knew how to accopmlish the task, more importantly there was meta work happening. He knew how to learn how to accomplish the task.

This wiki is like that for me. It documents my understanding on achieving software delivery performance sooner, safer, and happier.

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